Mahia Beach

on New Zealand's Historic East Coast


Mahia has a variety of reefs, points and beaches. Due to the layout of the peninsula you can catch the swell regardless of wind direction.

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Board Hire

There is no surf shop in Mahia, however boards can be hired from one of the local surfing groups: 

Mahisian Wave Warriors

Contact Wayne Kawana at the Mahia Beach Store (06 837 5890) in the afternoons Thursday to Sunday.

Black's Beach

Renowned for its surfing and fishing. The road is fully sealed but is quite windy and narrow in places. Below the parking area is where most of the surfing takes place and toilets facilities have recently been installed.

Very consistent right-hand reef break onto a black sand beach. SW to E swells with N-NE offshores. 0.6m to 2.4m.

Black's is one of the most consistent surf breaks in New Zealand and you are almost guaranteed to find waves of reasonable quality at least once or twice a week.

Rolling Stones

Permission required to cross private property.

On a good quality swell this morphs into a world class right hand point break and on the other side of the bay, a left.

The wave is solid and powerful, with a steep, fast drop in, and hollow barrels on offer.


Another good righthand point that requires a massive swell from the South.


Opoutama (Blue Bay)

White sandy family beach, safe for swimming, relaxing, picnics, walking and surfing when conditions are right. At certain times of the year, it is possible to observe dolphins frolicking in the surf.

Long, sandy beach break taking S-SW swells with N-NE offshore. Variety of beach breaks. Great for learners - safe ride on small southerlies.

opoutama small

Mahanga (Last Chance)

White sandy beach, great for walking, collecting shells and beach fishing. This is also a great beach for boogie boarding.

Public toilets available at the end of Judges Parade and off-road parking along the beach.

Beach break and left hand point break in SE-E-NE swells with W-SW offshore. Relatively sheltered on the northern coastline with good beach and reef breaks on all tides.

If nowhere else in Mahia is working properly there's a good chance of finding something worthwhile here.


Remote reef and exposed beach break beach taking S to NE swells towards the tip of the peninsula. Quite reliable surf and suitable for all levels of surfer.

Caution: Dangerous rip currents are common here.